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Nearly any legal issue is likely to be stressful, but problems that impact your family and personal life are especially difficult to face. At a time like this, you need a lawyer you can trust to provide guidance, a listening ear, and solutions designed to protect your children and your finances.

At Spring River Law, we understand what you’re going through, and we are ready to help. Our attorneys have an in-depth knowledge of Arkansas family law, but that’s just the beginning. We also know local courts, judges and other attorneys in the region. We utilize all of these resources and more to resolve your family law matter as efficiently and favorably as possible.

We Are Here For Whatever Your Case Requires

Some clients need only minimal help with a family law issue while others require comprehensive representation. No matter what your needs may be, we are the firm to call. Our attorneys can provide advice and representation in all aspects of family law, including assistance with:

Divorce (contested or uncontested), Alimony (also called spousal support), Division of property, assets and debts, Child custody and visitation, Child support, Guardianship, Adoption

Drafting and reviewing prenuptial agreements
As a general practice firm, we can also help you with estate law matters, which often go hand in hand with family law issues. For instance, after getting divorced or remarried, you may need to revisit your will and other estate planning documents to ensure that they are up to date and include protections for those you love most. Our attorneys offer these services and many more.

Clearheaded Guidance When You Need It Most

It is difficult to think rationally when you are grieving the loss of your marriage and may be worried about your future and your children’s future. Many people going through a divorce or custody dispute make decisions they later come to regret.

As your attorneys, we will be a sounding board for your concerns and will always stay focused on protecting your family’s best interests. We truly care about our clients, and we will invest in your success even when you find it hard to do the same.

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Spring River Law is based in Hardy, and we serve all of northern Arkansas. To learn more about how we can help you resolve your family law matter.

We are passionate about resolving issues for our clients in an efficient manner. Let’s partner and get your life back on track.