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Everyone makes mistakes and bad choices sometimes, and a lapse in judgment shouldn’t define the rest of your life. Unfortunately, if you’ve been charged with even a minor crime, a conviction can have consequences that last for years or a lifetime. In addition to jail, fines and other sentence requirements, a conviction results in a criminal record. This can make it difficult or even impossible to find a job, go to college or find desirable housing.

If you or a loved one is facing criminal charges, it is critical to protect your freedom and future by working with an experienced defense attorney. In northern Arkansas, look no further than our attorneys at Spring River Law. We don’t just know the law – we also have an in-depth knowledge of area judges, courts and prosecutors. And when you hire our firm, you won’t have to worry about being just another case file. You and your legal matter will be a top priority.

Ready To Help You Resolve A Variety Of Criminal Charges

Our attorneys can help you resolve many types of criminal charges and infractions, including those related to:

Drug possession, Drunk driving (DUI), Assault and battery, Shoplifting, burglary and other theft crimes, Traffic tickets, Nearly any misdemeanor offense

Even if the evidence against you seems strong, you shouldn’t decide that you need to plead guilty before speaking with an experienced defense attorney like those at our firm. We may be able to help you successfully fight the charges or seek dismissal ahead of trial.

In cases where those options aren’t available, we can nonetheless help you resolve the charges more favorably than you could on your own. You likely have more options than you realize, and we will help you pursue the best outcome available under the circumstances.

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At Spring River Law, we believe that each client deserves the best our attorneys have to offer. We work tirelessly to defend your rights and freedoms, and we offer flexible payment arrangements to ensure you can afford great representation.

We are passionate about resolving issues for our clients in an efficient manner. Let’s partner and get your life back on track.